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Making community forest management work for Liberia
By: Global Witness
Published: September 21, 2016
Countries: Liberia
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Making community forest management work for Liberia

Whilst Liberia is taking the initial steps on the path towards community based forest management, experience from around the world has shown that moving to community managed forests and successful community forest businesses is a lengthy process. From putting the right policies in place, to tailored donor programming, a concerted shift by the Forestry Development Authority, civil society and communities, and the involvement of business and entrepreneurs, all sectors have a part to play in this transformation.

This brief offers a snapshot of possibilities, intended to stimulate discussions and ideas. It is presented for consideration by project designers, implementers, donors and communities to further our shared objective of successful community based forest management that provides communities with income security, facilitates rural development, sustains forests, promotes local economies and generates tax revenues for the state.