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About LoggingOff

Cameroon: ‘log-pond’ where logs await transport to the sawmill.

Originally LoggingOff was created as a platform co-managed by a group of NGOs from EU and timber-producing countries and a place for civil society to provide updates on the FLEGT process.

All LoggingOff’s co-managers believe the FLEGT VPA process could help to improve forest governance, increase transparency and strengthen the rights of local communities, which are key conditions of efforts to reduce deforestation (legal or illegal).

Today LoggingOff is a well-established space allowing civil society and smaller networks to share and exchange their views and experiences of the FLEGT process and the importance of recognising communities’ land rights.

With up-to-date information, LoggingOff also aims to build connections between civil society from timber producing countries, and national and EU policy makers. The site hosts a library of resources on FLEGT VPAs but also information about REDD+, Community Forestry, Independent Forest Monitoring and climate change.

Contribute… or help us manage

Loggingoff.info is co-managed by a group of NGOs from European and timber-producing countries.

We are interested to hear from civil society groups in potential VPA partner countries, and other timber-producing countries, who might wish to contribute to, or become co-managers of the site.

In order to keep track of the flow of information, there is one co-manager per country. They exclude offensive material and maintain accountability for everything which is uploaded to the site.

Co-managers receive access rights. They can edit and upload material relevant to their specific country or area of work.