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Legality review of forest concessions in Liberia (final draft)
Published: October 16, 2019
Countries: Liberia
Topics: FLEGT
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Legality review of forest concessions in Liberia (final draft)

Under its Letter of Intent with the Government of Norway, the Government of Liberia committed in 2014 to conduct a Legality review of forest concessions in Liberia. The review covered (i) the negotiation and awarding process of logging concessions contracts and agreements and (ii) implementation and enforcement of these contracts and agreements. It used the eleven principles of the EU-Liberia Voluntary Partnership Agreement as the basis of assessment. Only active contracts / agreements were considered, as the review team found that for the other contracts unsufficient supporting documentation was available. Thus, of 34 contracts, eleven were reviewed.

The review found that “none of the company [sic] could fully comply with any the Principle of the VPA legality matrix” (p.68).

This is the Final Draft report from the consultants, SOFRECOEQO NIXUS, presented to Liberia stakeholders in late 2019. The final report itself was subsequently published by Forest Trends along with other related reports.

The contracts covered by the review are as follows:

  1. FMC A – Alpha Logging
  2. FMC F – Euro Liberian Logging Company
  3. FMC I – Geblo Logging Inc.
  4. FMC K – ICC
  5. FMC P – Atlantic Resources
  6. TSC A7 – B&B
  7. TSC A11 – Bassa Timber & Logging
  8. CFMA Bluyeama – Sing Africa Plantations Liberia Inc.
  9. CFMA Beyan Poye – Akewa Groups of Companies
  10. CFMA Sewacajua – Mandra Forestry Liberia Ltd
  11. CFMA Zuzohn – Booming Green Liberia