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24/06/2015 Cameroon, Civil society publications, FLEGT, Forest Governance, About Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs)

L'animation de Fern expliquant APV FLEGT, L'Histoire de FLEGT, en quatre langues Camerounaises locales: Badwe, Baka, Bulu et Nzime.


Fern's animation explaining FLEGT VPAs, The Story of FLEGT, in four local Cameroonian languages: Badwe, Baka, Bulu and Nzime

15/06/2015 Civil society publications, FLEGT, LoggingOff publications (including VPA counterbriefs), About Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs)

A decade of VPAs: where have we been, where do we go? Every six months, Fern produces an update looking at the present situation with regards the EU's Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan, with a specific focus on Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs). This June 2015 example starts with an overview of what has been happening at the EU level before focussing in on the VPAs in Africa, Asia and South and Central America.

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05/06/2015 Cameroon, Civil society publications, Consultation / Participation, FLEGT, Forest Governance, About Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs)


Dans le cadre de l'évaluation du Plan d'Action FLEGT actuellement en cours la plateforme de la société civile "Communautés et Forêts" (CFP) a évalué le processus APV au Cameroon.


La CFP note du progrès au niveau de la participation de la société civile à un processus politique et une certaine avancée quant à la transparence.