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11/12/2014 Cameroon, Civil society publications, Forest Governance

A Proposal ratified during the brainstorming workshop by Traditional Rulers and Indigenous leaders on the reform process to lay down forestry, wildlife and fisheries regulations,



Novembre 2014

26/11/2014 Congo Brazzaville

Communiqué final de la PGDF sur la réformer forestière - octobre 2014

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25/11/2014 Cameroon, Civil society publications, Consultation / Participation

Operational Guidelines for Obtaining Free, Prior and Informed Consent in REDD+ Initiatives
in Cameroon

17/11/2014 Civil society publications, Community Forestry, Forest Governance

A new science-based coalition – IntAct (International Action for Primary Forests) is calling for an end to the industrial exploitation of earth’s remaining primary forests. The coalition is backed by leading international forest scientists and organisations in the fields of development and human rights including Global Witness, the Sierra Club, the Zoological Society of London and the National Coalition of Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines.